Welcome to the Ascend Math blog. In this weekly blog we will share insights, developments, strategies and ideas of interest to and from educators like you. Often, we will invite guest bloggers to share their expertise and strategies to make all students successful in math. For example, Principal Gil-Rey Madrid will share the math intervention strategies he used to transform his school from not making AYP to the highest math performance of any middle or junior high school in his region. We’ll bring you advice from educators succeeding with tier 2 intervention, tier 3 (special education), bubble students and gifted and talented students. We will also glean the most interesting and fascinating ideas for educators from the web. Occasionally, we will include our own thoughts on matters of interest and importance to educators facing change and challenge. Although the subject will often be math, we won’t stop there. We may share information on any subject that could be of benefit to you. You’re what this blog is about. Helping you feel good about the important work you do is its true purpose. Sometimes the entries will be written and sometimes they’ll be made available on video. In the weeks ahead you’ll see and hear many exciting thoughts and ideas. Please let us know how we’re doing.

Kevin Briley is CEO of Ascend Education and one of several contributors to this blog.

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