Lead District Educators: Dr. Lori Rodgers, Executive Director of Special Programs and Joanna Gittens-Summerow, Title 1 Education Specialist
District Implementation: Bibb County Schools began a Flexible Learning Program (FLP) utilizing Ascend Math. The students in the FLP are students who are most at risk of failing math and fall into the lowest 25 percentile. Bibb’s FLP is a blended learning model designed as direct instruction coupled with online learning for math.
Year One:

  • At the beginning of the school year, 58% of students tested below the 4th grade level in math. By April, only 15% remained.
  • Only 9% of students tested at grade level 5 or above at the start of the year. By April, that number increased to 64%.
  • 44% moved up two or more grade levels.

Year Two:

  • More than 50% of FLP (most at risk) students increased their score on the state test. By comparison, only 45% of the general student population increased their score.
  • On average, these FLP students made greater improvement in their scores than they did the non-FLP students.
  • Underperforming FLP students showed a percentage of decline slightly better than non-FLP students.

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Lead District Educator: Michael Fell, Instructional Math Coordinator
District Implementation: Grades 6 – 12
District Objective: Cecil County Schools implement Ascend Math as an intervention for struggling middle and high school students.
Spotlight Schools: Rising Sun Middle School and Bohemia Manor High School

  • 31% of intervention students at Rising Sun Middle School gained at least one grade level.
  • Students at Bohemia Manor High School averaged 26 objectives (skill gaps) mastered and 35% gained one or more grade levels.
Dayton County ISD, TX

Implementation: Grades K-8
Spotlight School: Woodrow Wilson Junior High School
Lead School Educator: Sara Sexton, Teacher
School Objective: Woodrow Wilson Junior High School adopted Ascend Math to help their students fill math skill gaps and improve STAAR test results.
Results: After adopting Ascend Math, Woodrow Wilson Junior High School significantly increased their 8th grade STAAR passing rate to 76%. This was a 50% increase from the previous year.



Lead District Educator: Gil-Rey Madrid, Assistant Superintendent
District Implementation: Grades K – 12
Spotlight Schools: Fort Stockton Middle School and Fort Stockton High School
School Objectives: Ascend Math was adopted to help students fill math skill gaps and improve test results. Students entering Fort Stockton Middle School had math skill gaps of up to 6-7 years. The Fort Stockton High School student population is 86% Hispanic, 50% At Risk and 58% economically disadvantaged.

Results: Fort Stockton Middle School significantly increased their eighth-grade pass rate on the state assessment from 74% to 86%. Some students achieved proficiency on the TAKS after spending only 3 weeks on Ascend Math during an intensive intervention initiative.
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At Fort Stockton High School, 58% of students grew one level or more. 27% achieved 2 or more levels, and 8% achieved 3 or more grade levels in one year.


Lead District Educator: Dr. Jeanne Disney, Ph.D., Director of Secondary
District Implementation: Grades 6 – 12
District Objective: Cecil County Schools implement Ascend Math as an intervention for struggling middle and high school students.
Spotlight School: Manhattan Adult Learning Center
Lead School Educator: Vickie Fix-Turkowski
School Objective: To implement RTI methods at the adult learning center and correct the math weaknesses of identified at-risk students.
Results: NWEA Map test results revealed that students who received core math instruction, plus Ascend Math intervention, had a mean RTI growth score of 10.8.



Lead Educator: Jamie Jones, Teacher
Implementation: Grades 9-12
Objective: Bergman High School adopted Ascend Math to increase their students’ math grade level and prepare them for their lives after graduation.
Results: 25% of students completed 2 or more grade levels. Over 35% of students increased by 1 grade level.
Bergman High School
“I have a few students that have increased their skills by 4 or more grade levels.”
– Jamie Jones, Teacher
Bergman High School

KENWOOD High School, MD

Lead Educator: Angela Adams, Teacher
Implementation: 9 -12
Objective:  The educators at Kenwood High School had the goal to have 100% of their students enrolled in their AMA program finish at or above grade level.

  • 74% gained one grade level or more.
  • 38% gained two or more grade levels.
  • 11% of students demonstrated gains of 3 or more grade levels.

Lead Educator: Shawnder Worthington, Teacher
Implementation: Grades 9-12
Objective: Northeast High School adopted Ascend Math as a study skills intervention during the school day with the most at-risk students.
Results: 80% of students have completed at least one level. One student has grown 6 levels.


Lead Educator: Lisa Ratcliff
Implementation: Grades 6-12
Objective: George I Sanchez Charter School uses Ascend Math to reteach and reinforce math concepts that students have previously struggled with in prior classes.

  • 23% achieved one grade level growth.
  • 8% achieved two grade levels growth.
  • 3% achieved three to five grade levels.


Implementation: Grades 9 – 12
Objective: Ascend Math was implemented for 9th grade students who did not pass 8th grade high stakes test. 11% of these students were approaching basic, 89% were not proficient.
Results: After using Ascend Math for a semester, 86% of students passed the Algebra End of Course test.

Southwood HS



St. Stanislaus School, IN

Lead Educator: Zarya Salinas
Implementation: Grades 1 through 8
Objective: Ascend is used as both class instruction, individual student remediation, small group tutoring and reinforcement. Ascend allows all teachers to support each student as an individual regardless of level in math. Students can clearly make connections between classroom instruction and grade level standards with their learning and achievements with the Ascend program.

Results: iLearn passing rates increased by 37.8%; to 27% from 19.6% the previous year. 65% of students met or exceeded NWEA MAP projected RIT scores.

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St. Stanislaus School

Avon Intermediate School, IN

Lead Educator: Dr. Brian Scott
Implementation: Grades 5 and 6
Objective: Differentiation for students ready to experience skills above grade level.
Results: NWEA MAP testing showed a 35.3% increase in 6th grade scores and a 3.2% increase in scores from 5th graders.

Avon Intermediate School

Crosby Middle School, TX

Implementation: Grades 6-8
Lead School Educators: Robert T. (Todd) Hicks, Principal, Holli Pharis, Teacher
School Objective: Crosby Middle School adopted Ascend Math for their Tier 3 math intervention. On the state assessment, CMS students were not at the level they believed they should have been. Changing math TEKS (state standards) caused greater gaps in understanding for students who were already struggling in math.
Results: 38% of students in the program passed the STAAR. These students had failed to pass the state test at least twice previously.

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Emmet Belknap Intermediate School, NY

Implementation: Grades 5-6
Spotlight School: Emmet Belknap Intermediate School
Lead Educators: Lynn Hewitt, School Psychologist; Gary Wilson, Principal
School Objective: Emmet Belknap adopted Ascend Math for their Tier 2 math intervention. They needed a math intervention product with a strong research base, aligned to NY state standards. Most importantly, they needed to serve more struggling students than was previously possible with their limited staffing.
Results: Students who previously averaged .5 grade levels of growth, achieved nearly four times the growth using Ascend Math.

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See their 2017 Results

Emmet Belknap

Kilgore Middle School, Kilgore, TX

Implementation: Grades 3-9
Lead Educators: Sheila Haralson, April Cox
School Objective: Ascend Math is used at Kilgore Middle School to help improve STAAR test results.
Results: Over 80% of all students that used Ascend Math with fidelity grew one or more years according to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).

Kilgore Middle School STAAR

Lowell Middle School, Lowell, IN

Implementation: Grades 3-8
Lead Educator: Wendy Pitcock
School Objective: Ascend Math is being used as a supplemental resource with students 2 or more levels behind their actual grade level.
Results: Since the beginning of September over 62% of students have completed 1 or more grade levels with 25% completing 2 or more levels between September and March. Before using Ascend teachers were challenged to located and fill gaps for each student.
Lowell Middle School

“We have seen a positive increase in their NWEA growth scores with some students increasing by 10 or more points (common growth is 5-6 points).”
– Wendy Pitcock
Lowell Middle School


Implementation: Grades 6-8
Spotlight School: Marietta Middle School
Lead Educators: Marcia Brunet & Mary Thurman
School Objective: Marietta Middle School primarily uses Ascend Math as an intervention program for their students receiving Tier 2 and Tier 3 instruction. Their advanced students also have the option of using Ascend Math for additional Algebra support.
Results: Our students increased their average RIT score on the Winter MAP assessment by four points. Fifty-two percent of students met or exceeded their projected growth.

Marietta Middle NWEA

“After our first full year of implementation of Ascend, all subgroups, including economically disadvantaged, English language learners, and special education students, met or exceeded their projected growth targets on our state assessment in mathematics.”
Mary Thurman
Marietta Middle School


Implementation: Grades 6-8
Spotlight School: Delta Middle School
Lead Educators: Douglas Ford
School Objective: The objective of Ascend for students is to help close the gap academically for students. Ascend allows for differentiated instruction that is geared to each individual students needs. The goal is that each student would make significant strides in their math ability and confidence to complete math concepts.
Results: Our students increased their average RIT score on the Winter MAP assessment by four points. Fifty-two percent of students met or exceeded their projected growth.

Delta Middle School

“Delta Middle School earned an “A” overall status in the state of Ohio, which is a first for our building and a first for our school district. OUR success is influenced by the use of Ascend Math.”
Jon Mignin
Pike Delta York Middle School


Lead Educator: Mark Werges
Grades 4-8
St. Ann Catholic School adopted Ascend Math in preparation for the challenges anticipated due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • 30% of students have completed one or more levels
  • Students who struggled previously  achieved As and Bs

“We are happy to report that we have previously struggling students earning A’s and B’s in math. Additionally, top performers are finding enrichment opportunities and testing into 9th grade Honors Algebra courses. For the most part, we are succeeding in a rather difficult and unprecedented school year!”
Mark Werges
St. Ann Catholic School


Elementary SCHOOLS


Lead Educator:  Linford Cox
Implementation:  Grades K – 6
Objective: Ascend Math is used at Junkins Elementary to help improve STAAR test results.
Results: 47% of students in the Ascend Math class showed Mastery on STAAR vs 26% in the non- Ascend Math class. 94% of students passed STAAR in the Ascend Math class vs. 91% of students in the non-Ascend Math Class.


Lead Educator: Sherry Kegel
Implementation: Grades 3-5 
Objective: Ascend Math is used as an intervention program for 3rd to 5th grade students at Johnsburg Elementary School.
Results: In their first semester, 4 third grade students progressed out of the program.

“Ascend has made it easy to work with students during distance learning. We share screens, have breakout rooms one on one. It has worked out great for JES.”
Sherry Kegel
Johsnburg Elementary School

Newman International Academy of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Lead Educator: Cody Bergquist
Implementation: Grades 4-8 
Objective: Ascend Math is being used as the primary curriculum for Newman International Academy of Vietnam.
Results: Over 80% of students completed one or more levels in Ascend Math, and almost 40% of students completed two or more levels from September to April!

“As an International School our students all speak English as their second language. Ascend Math is crucial in making sure they are still challenged in their math and not held back by their English ability.”
Cody Bergquist
Newman International Academy of Vietnam

Newman International Academy


Lead Educator: Hollie Tiillery
Implementation: Elementary School
Objective: To increase mathematical achievement in all students, regardless of ability.
Results: In their first semester, 4 third grade students progressed out of the program.

“At the beginning of the year, we had 20% of our students achieving 3 or 4 grade levels below. We now have 0% of students achieving 3 or 4 grade levels below.”
Hollie Tiillery
Randolph Elementary School

Taylor County Elementary, FL

Lead Educator: Kathy Kreidler, Teacher
Implementation: Grades 3-5
Objective: Taylor County Elementary makes use of Ascend math to provide an effective math intervention program for their lowest quartile students including their ESE (special education) students.
Results: Taylor County Elementary FSA Scores grew 12 points compared to Florida State growth of 1 point.

  • 93% of 3rd graders increased scale scores.
  • 91% of 4th graders increased their scale scores.
  • 86% of 5th graders increased their scale scores.
  • Ascend Data confirms overall: 53% of students gained one grade level with an additional 38% gaining two grade levels.

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Special Education

Special Education


Lead Educator: Maria Sanchez-Vega
Implementation:  Special Education 
Objective: The program was implemented to address skill gaps that had grown in the COVID closures.
Results: Over 20% of students have completed one level between September and March, while another 20% are more than halfway through their original level.

Paetow HS

“The program is great as it prescribes a personalized study path.”
– Maria Sanchez-Vega
Patricia Paetow High School


Lead Educator: Carol Bolke
Implementation: Special Education 
Objective: While teaching in distance learning, teachers are able to support students while they work independently at home using online meetings.
Results: Students are able to achieve 2-3 school year’s growth within one school year.

Truth or Consequences

“When students review skills in the next level, I am seeing 80% success in the retention of knowledge.”
– Carol Bolke
Truth or Consequences Middle School

Fort Stockton Middle School, TX

Lead Educator: Gil-Rey Madrid, Principal
Implementation: Grades 6-8
Objective: Fort Stockton adopted Ascend Math to help their Special Education, At Risk and failing math students identify and close skill gaps.
Results: After just 6 months of using Ascend Math, 86% of special education students passed the TAKS (Texas mandated test) greatly surpassing their ambitious goal of 75%.

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Implementation: Elementary School
Lead Educator: Tracie Parnell
Objective: Leonard Elementary School implemented Ascend Math for students more than one grade level behind in math. For students 2 or more grade levels behind, they received 150-200 minutes/week on Ascend Math.
Results: Ascend Math is used in Math Resource classes at Leonard Elementary School to help close math skill gaps.

“My students love going to play games in Base Camp when they complete an objective. This option reinforces their engagement and progress.”
– Tracie Parnell
Leonard Elementary School

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