Ascend Math Intervention for Special Education!

Ascend Math Intervention for Special Education!

Students with special needs find the extra help they need from Ascend Math. Perhaps it’s the individualized study plans, the multiple approaches to objectives both conceptual and algorithmic, the motivational aspects, or all of these. Regardless, special education teachers are ecstatic with the results they’re seeing. In many cases students are moving up 2 or more grade levels in a semester.

Ascend Math allows us to target Special Education students while meeting the geographic challenges of our district. Ascend gives us a clear understanding of student math gaps and helps meet those instructional needs.

Cathy McAtee – Math Facilitator, Carbon County School District #2 , WY

We had a teacher who had a class of very low achieving special-education students. Many of them were testing at the third-grade level for math skills. She immediately saw what her students were accomplishing and became one of the biggest promoters of Ascend.

Judy Senter, Curriculum Specialist (retired)

Created with Special Needs in Mind

  • Ascend Math diagnoses the student’s individual skill gaps. Then, automatically prescribes an individual learning path for that student.
  • Each new lesson follows the same sequence of instruction, practice and post assessment.
  • Includes more award-winning video instruction than any other math intervention program.
  • Students can pause and rewind all instruction.
  • All audio is closed captioned.