Ascend White Papers

Ascend methodology and usage is supported by the following white papers

Six Critical Components of a Strong Math Intervention Program

Six Critical Components of a Strong Math Intervention Program draws upon the work of Dr. Andrea Ogonoski, acclaimed speaker and author on the subject of Response to Intervention as well as findings published by the National Center on Response to Intervention, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and several others. It provides a clear understanding of tiered intervention, universal screening, individualized instruction, progress monitoring, data based decision making, and intervention fidelity and integrity and shows how one program Ascend Math meets or exceeds all this criteria.

The Ascend Math Solution Use Model: Tier 2 Intervention

The Ascend Math Solution is appropriate as a Tier II intervention—meaning that students lagging behind using the school’s “standard curriculum” can and will catch up to (and even surpass) their better-performing peers by utilizing Ascend. One of the important distinctions of Ascend—particularly in relation to RTI—is that it can be used extremely flexibly, depending on the needs and resources of individual schools and districts. This use model describes some of the ways the program can be used and the benefits it affords teachers, students, and administrators.

The Ascend Math Solution Use Model: Remediation and Enrichment

In its publication, Creating or Selecting an Intervention Program, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) describes the essential characteristics of an effective mathematics intervention program and provides questions educators should ask about an intervention program before selecting it. To demonstrate the Ascend Mathematics Solution’s appropriateness for Tier II Intervention, we have provided responses below to each of the NCTM questions.

Effective Mathematics Instruction and The Ascend Math Solution

This paper explores scientifically-based research that has yielded important insight into effective mathematics instruction in a variety of areas. Research presented was conducted at major universities throughout the United States and appears in peer-reviewed journals. The paper also demonstrates how The Ascend Math Solution’s instructional, assessment, and reporting resources align with scientifically-based research to provide a comprehensive solution for improving mathematics proficiency.

Ascend methodology and usage is supported by
the following outside research

Project Red Research

Project RED found that “technology-infused interventions (ELL, Title I, Special Ed and Reading Intervention) were the top model predictor of improved high stakes test scores, dropout rate reduction, and improved discipline. The only other top model predictor for more than one Education Success Measure was the students per computer ratio with lower ratios (1:1) being preferable.”

This finding also illustrates the power of the student-centric approach enabled by technology, where students typically work at their own pace, allowing teachers to spend more time with individual students and small groups.

Source: Project Red