Ascend Math prepares students to pass Algebra 1 Quickly

Builds understanding by linking together Algebra concepts within and across grade levels

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Ascend Math has been instrumental in helping struggling ninth graders bridge achievement gaps that have been in existence since at least third grade. I began the school year using Ascend Math for ninth grade students who were considered unprepared for Algebra I. Already 75% of the students have improved at least 3 grade levels.

- Theda Fielding, North Caddo Magnet High School

  • Diagnoses student skill gaps according to logical pre requisites based on your state standards.
  • Prescribes individual learning paths regardless of grade level automatically. Students work only on the objectives they do not know in a sequenced order and build understanding by linking together concepts within and across grades.
  • Motivates students through award-winning online instruction and explorations for over 700 objectives.
  • The Result: students work at their own pace filling gaps quickly. Most educators choose to have students  attend Algebra Class while using Ascend Math in a second math elective, remediation block or at home.

  • Students work on objectives online in proper sequence filling gaps quickly.
  • They can pause and review instruction at any time and as often as needed.
  • Instruction and explorations cover conceptual as well as algorithmic approaches to the objective.
  • Students employ the standards of math practice and build mathematical literacy while working on robust manipulatives.
  • Following instruction and practice students demonstrate mastery on a post assessment before moving on to the next objective in their individualized study plan.
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Live Progress reports and Teacher Guides Support small group instruction

  • Live Student Tracker provides real-time information for each student in a class suggesting opportunities for small group instruction and informing teachers immediately if students are struggling and in need of intervention. Teachers can also see who currently logged in.
  • Teacher Guides provide strategies to use Explorations in group instruction, give suggestions on additional project-based activities and allow students to model and practice what they learn.
  • Teacher guides and study guides support Expectations for Literacy in Mathematics.


I want to find out more about the Ascend Math Algebra Readiness Customized Pathway >