Have you seen the 2013 Gallup Student Poll?  According to Gallup, the Student Poll will track for 10 years the hope, engagement, and well-being of public school students in grades 5 through 12 across the United States. But what do these measurements really tell us?  Are student’s hope, engagement and well-being truly the leading indicators of their success in school and graduation rates?

A report released from ASCD last June sums it up best.

“Student test scores alone do not meaningfully track student learning and growth throughout the school year, nor do they provide the information necessary to address nonacademic student needs crucial to student success. A primary goal of measuring students should be to assess their learning progress on an ongoing basis so that instruction can be designed to further enhance their academic performance throughout the school year. Schools should ask not just what students know, but also what they know how to do with what they know.”


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