The U.S. Men’s Hockey team is lining up for Gold.  Here are some Hockey math problems for students in middle school and high school.

Grade 5-6:  This year the Olympics are in Sochi, Russia. The currency in Russia is called ruble. 35.78 Russian rubles for each US dollar.  A good ticket to the Gold Medal Hockey game will cost 34,000 rubles.  How much is that in US dollars?  (Answer $950)

Grade 6-8 or pre-algebra:  A hockey team scores a goal approximately every 3 minutes when they are on the power play. When they are not on a power play, they score an average of one goal every 16 minutes. If during the tournament they play a total of 300 minutes and 1/10 of that time is on the power play, how many goals would they be expected to score? (Answer  27)

 Algebra:  In the preliminary rounds Olympic hockey teams received points for wins and losses. Use the official point system below and match each formula with the correct team and points.

X = Win worth 3 points.  Y = Win in overtime worth 2 points.  Z = Loss in overtime worth 1 point.



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