Earth day 3                  Earth Day Logic Puzzle

By Ms. Malen & the 4th Grade Students of Mountain View Elementary 2014

Use the clues below to find out where each person lives, what volunteer work they do to help the earth, what item they choose to recycle and what type of earth-friendly vehicle they use.

  1.  The person who lives in the log cabin does not recycle water bottles, but does plant trees.
  2. The person who recycles milk cartons has a name that begins with “H.”
  3. The person who has a Condo also carpools to work.
  4. The person who does recycle soda cans drives a smart car.
  5. Faith does not live in a House or an RV.
  6. The person who lives in an apartment is not Faith or Sunshine.
  7. The person who grows a Community Garden does not ride a bicycle, but does recycle egg cartons.
  8. The person who does park cleanup also recycles water bottles.
  9. Sunshine drives where she lives to the park to do her volunteer work.
  10. The person who lives in an apartment also recycles egg cartons.
  11. Neither Harmony nor Justice ride a bicycle.
  12. Sunshine drives a Toyota Prius and Faith recycles paper.
  13. The person who collects milk cartons is not Faith or Justice.
  14. Honesty grows a Community Garden and does not have a Ford or a Smart Car.
  15. The person who lives in a Condo also collects milk cartons.
  16. Justice does not live in a cabin or a condo and he does not plant trees.
  17. The person who drives a smart car lives in a house.

Here is a worksheet you can use to help solve the problem.





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