Are you considering BYOD in your district?  A recent article in District Administration caught my eye. It provides good, practical advice from several districts that have made the plunge. 

  • Use Title I funds to purchase devices for students on free and reduced lunch programs.
  • Connect parents to programs like Comcast Internet Essentials that offer low-cost internet to low-income families.
  • Register all devices and provide a sticker. This allows district IT staff to control who accesses the network and help them find lost or stolen devices. However, uniformly districts accept no responsibility for the safety or security of devices.
  • Create a list of essential apps to be added to every device.BYOD is here and is growing all of the time.  Just to remind you, Ascend Math is device neutral and is fully supported on any device with internet access including all tablets.  The result?   Students get more time on task, fill math gaps quickly, and get back on grade level in less time.

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