During the summer months we will be running a series of fun math problems to help students stay sharp, including those on grade level and those in need of math intervention.

A baseball diamond forms a 90 foot square.  It is 90 feet from home to 1st base, another 90 feet between 1st and 2nd , and the same for each of the remaining bases.  

baseball-field-diagram-linesGrade 4 and up:  If Ryan hits a single and then steals second base how far has he travelled?  If his teammate then hits a double sending Ryan home how many feet in total has Ryan travelled?

Hint: Add up all the distances between the bases or multiply the number of bases reached by 90.

Geometry:  If you cut the baseball diamond in half between the 1st and 3rd bases you will get a triangle with a 90 degree angle at home base.  Now solve this:

The Detroit Tigers have runners at 1st and 2nd.  Miguel Cabrera hits a hard grounder to Texas third baseman Adrian Beltre who steps on the bag at third for a force out and then throws the ball to the first baseman to make the double play. How far did Adrian throw the ball? ( What is the distance in a straight line between first and third.)

Hint: Use the Pythagorean theorem

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