MoPennsylvania’s Taney Dragons are one win away from the U.S. Little League Championship game in Williamsport. Their star pitcher is 13-year-old phenom Mo’Ne Davis who threw 43 pitches in her last outing and struck out 6 batters. Mo’Ne’s fastball has been clocked at 71 miles an hour. The distance from the pitching mound to the batter’s box in Little League is 46 feet. That’s shorter than the 60 foot distance in Major League Baseball.

That means that the Little League hitter has less time to decide whether to swing at the pitch. MSNBC has done the math and determined that Mo’Ne’s 71 mph fastball provides the same reaction time as a 93 mph fastball from a big leaguer.

ANSWER THIS: After Mo’Ne releases a fastball how many seconds does it take to get to the batter? To solve the problem you will need to convert 71 miles an hour to feet per second. You can convert that on your own or go to Calculate Me for help.

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