Shreveport, LA 9/9/2014 Ascend Education announced today that they are adding new levels of interactivity to all of the instructional videos found in Ascend Math.  Ascend Math is an intensive math intervention program shown to help struggling students gain two or more grade levels in as little as a semester.

Ascend Math includes more than 550 distinct video lessons.  Each lesson will include multiple points of interactivity that support step-wise learning and encourage students to think and write about math consistent with today’s rigorous state standards.  Students will encounter learning prompts in each and every objective and interact with the instructor throughout the video lesson.

“Students learn best when they are engaged,” said Kevin Briley, CEO of Ascend Education.  “Greater interactivity leads to even stronger engagement, better understanding and retention of the material.  That’s why every instructional video in Ascend will be interactive.  All Kindergarten through Algebra lessons will be complete by the end of September.”

In addition to the interactive video instruction each Ascend lesson already includes an interactive, multi-modal student exploration, many of which incorporate a virtual manipulative.

About Ascend Math® Ascend Math® is a research based adaptive instructional resource in which students have proven to achieve two or more grade level gains in a six month period. This online individualized intervention resource identifies skill gaps, prescribes targeted instruction, and motivates students to achieve their maximum performance and potential. Ascend Math is written to Common Core and rigorous state standards. Instruction is delivered in a logical math sequence and students can progress at their own pace and track their own progress and success. Ascend Math® is currently used by hundreds of schools and districts serving tens of thousands of students throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit

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