turkeyHappy Thanksgiving! 

Share these fun math problems with your students.

1. The average American eats 16 pounds of turkey each year.  How much turkey will be eaten this year by the entire town of Turkey, North Carolina (population 292)?

2. Mrs. Pilgrim is planning a big Thanksgiving for her family. She is expecting 12 adults and 24 children. She needs to plan for 1 pound of turkey for each adult and a 1/2 pound of turkey for each child. At the grocery store, turkeys are available in 8 pounds, 12 pounds, or 24 pounds. What should she buy?  (Provide all possibilities)

3. A turkey can run at speeds of up to 25 miles per hour and fly at up to 55 miles per hour. If a turkey runs at top speed for half an hour and flies for another 2 1/2 hours how far will he have travelled?

4. Raising beef takes ten times the resources compared to turkey. A turkey farmer is raising 1200 turkeys this year. If he wanted to switch to cattle how many cows would he be able to raise using the same resources?

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