Ascend Education announced today the addition of a Teacher Dashboard to its Ascend Math intensive math intervention product.

The Ascend Math Dashboard puts the most valuable information on class progress in Ascend Math all in one place for teachers to view including:

  • Total class objectives completed.
  • Total hours the class has worked.
  • Number of active student logins in each class.
  • Number of levels completed in each class.

In addition, teachers can click on any class name in the Teacher Dashboard and that individual Class Dashboard will appear. The Class Dashboard includes easy-to-read graphs and charts.  The Class Dashboard also provides important level information for the students in the class, including the distribution of students in different levels and a list of students that have completed levels last week.

“Teachers have asked for an easy way to see all their classroom data at once,” said Kevin Briley, CEO of Ascend Education. “This could easily be the most valuable addition we’ve made to Ascend Math thus far. With the dashboard, teachers can review everything needed to monitor student math progress in just minutes.”

Previously, Ascend Education introduced a dashboard for Administrators and an individual dashboard for each student.

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