A recent article in Education Dive explores ways in which technology can make invisible the help that special education students receive compared to their general ed counterparts.

“There’s some anecdotal evidence that the technology itself, with its multimedia presentation and interactivity, may also make it easier for students with disabilities like autism to digest material…And increasingly, assistive technology tools that allow students to read larger text if they have a vision impairment or absorb material at a different level is available on the same devices other students would be using: iPads, laptops and phones. Rather than an obvious gadget for a disabled student marking them as different, every student would be using a device. A teacher would be able to provide support invisibly, through a student’s device, without drawing attention to the student’s disability.”

How Tech Driven Learning Can Benefit Students with Disabilities

We see this every day with Ascend Math, our intensive online math intervention program. special ed and gen ed students working side by side both benefitting from the same online interactive technology.

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