Ascend Education announced today the addition of an all new motivational experience for students using its award winning Ascend Math product.

“Teachers told us that while there students really like Ascend Math they wanted an occasional fun break from it,” said Kevin Briley, CEO of Ascend Education.  “In response, we created Base Camp as a reward for hard working students as they progress through objectives and levels.”

Base Camp is a virtual world with fun games and activities for students using Ascend Math. After spending time on task in Ascend and completing post-assessments a student gains access to explore Base Camp for three minute increments.  The short respite ensures that Base Camp does not detract from time needed to fill math skill gaps in the Ascend Math program.

An evolving formula built into Ascend including time on task and the passing of assessments, units, and levels will determine when students can access Base Camp. Students come to understand quickly that they must earn their time in Base Camp.

“Ascend Math with its interactive lessons and multi-modal learning activities has always been engaging,”  said Product Developer Brodie Vidrine.  “Our goal with Base Camp is to add another layer of motivation for students struggling with math.  So far, students really like the age appropriate games and activities.”

“The kids do enjoy a 3 minute brain break during their Ascend Math time,”  wrote math teacher Marcie Cook.

In the near future, students will be able to earn awards and accolades for their efforts in Ascend Math and Base Camp.  To learn more about Ascend Math and Base Camp educators should consider attending a convenient weekly webinar at or visit us Nov. 19-20 at NCTM Nashville, booth 411.

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