Final FourDon’t Call Them for Travelling

This week, four teams will travel to Houston, TX to play in the Final Four of the NCAA National Championship. Oklahoma is the closest and will fly just  432 miles. Syracuse is the furthest away and will fly  1439 miles.  How many more miles will the Syracuse players be flying? 

If there planes cover the distance at an average speed of 320 miles per hour how long will it take each team to arrive?

Final 4 X 19

North Carolina has been in the Final Four more often than any other team, 19 times. In fact, the other three teams combined do not have as many appearances. The tournament has been played consistently since 1939, 77 years.  What is the percentage of times North Carolina has been in the Final Four?

Defense or Offensive?

Both the Oklahoma Sooners and the Villanova Wildcats beat the number three and number one seeds in their divisions to make it the Final Four.  Use the scores below to determine which team held their opponents to the lowest combined score.  Which team put up the highest overall offensive score?

Oklahoma won 77-63  and 80-68

Villanova won 92-69 and 64-59


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