bibb_county_success_storyBeginning in 2014, Bibb County schools in Macon, Georgia began a Flexible Learning Program (FLP) utilizing Ascend Math in several schools including Howard Middle School.

The students in the FLP were those most at risk of failing math. These students fell in the lowest 25 percentile.

“Bibb’s FLP is designed to prescribe differentiated instruction in a blended learning environment.  Our students in FLP receive tailored instruction online, in small groups or one-on-one.  Ascend pinpoints the student’s deficiencies and maps out the course of actions for remediation.  We have a great remedy for preparing our students for the 21st Century.”

Joanna Gittens-Summerow, Title I Education Specialist.

Results:  Year one 44% of students in the program moved up two or more grade levels.      Year two results were even better.  An astounding 86% of students gained one or more grade levels with 41% gaining three grade levels and 8% four grade levels.

They were so pleased that they produced a video explaining the program and its success. Please take a few minutes to hear their story.

View Bibb County School Video

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