essaA new federal law called Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) hands more control over education to state leaders.  Rather than threatening them for failing to achieve certain test scores, the law provides money and guidance pursue new models of education.

This is an enormous opportunity for needed change.

“Notably, the law provides financial and regulatory support for policies compatible with “personalized learning,” a teaching method that gives students custom-fit lessons, the choice to pursue individual passions and the ability to move as quickly (or slowly) as needed to master skills and concepts. Similarly, the use of technology to enhance in-person lessons, known as blended learning, is also included in the law, with language that specifies that schools can use federal money to pursue that strategy.”

The Hechinger Report

Providing each student with an individual study plan is a perfectly achievable goal.  Great educational technology products can help teachers easily monitor the process of personalizing learning while quickly assessing students and providing truly individual study plans.

Let’s make this the school year in which education reaches out to use technology the way it was intended.  That is to make learning accessible and teaching to a diverse classroom of students manageable and enjoyable.

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