We’re midway through the school year. In business, many will be wrapping up another fiscal year.  Conventional wisdom would state this is a good time to ask “What’s Working?”  Knowing what’s working may lead to good feelings but rarely to improvement.

Asking “What’s Not Working” is the first step to ensuring next year or half year can get you better results.

Gil-Rey Madrid, a thoughtful hard working principal in west Texas said it best “We kept trying the same things and getting the same result.”  It’s like the old joke “Why do you keep beating your head against the wall? Because it feels so good when I stop.”  Four years ago, Gil-Rey decided to stop. Mid-way through the year he simply quit doing the things that didn’t work.  A year and a half later his students received the most improvement in math of any middle school in his region, and they continue to improve.

There comes a time to stop doing the same things that don’t work. Stop them immediately.

I urge you to pick that something you know isn’t working and stop doing it!  Even if you don’t know what to do in exchange.  Do it right now.  Don’t wait until New Year’s. Once this monkey is off your back, you’ll be surprised at the new ideas that may come. Be open. Try something new or two new things.

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