IntrnEdu_coverA recent study by the National Conference of State Legislatures has concluded that world-class education systems have a few common elements that we can learn from: a strong early education system, a high-quality professional teacher workforce, robust career and technical education programs, and strong alignment between K-12 and college/career goals.

These common strengths have parallels in the business world as well.

  1. Strong Early Education System = Strong Onboarding of Employees

Having a strong education system for a new employee during the first months is critical. Ensuring the best onboarding experience pays dividends years and sometimes even decades later.

  1. High Quality Professional Teacher Workforce = Hiring “A” Players

A high quality workforce is our biggest asset. We’ve all heard it. Hiring is the most important business decision we will make. Still, the process is too often rushed or compromised. Start by knowing what qualities are truly needed for the position and perform a rigorous, in-depth interview of any final candidates.  Always check references meticulously.

  1. Robust Career and Technical Education Program = Commitment to Ongoing Development of Employees

What work’s best for students who are preparing to enter the workforce also works best once they are there. Your team needs a robust education program in the form of ongoing personal and professional development.

  1. Strong Alignment between K-12 and college/career goals = Strong Alignment to Mission and Strategic Plan

Every employee must know how his or her actions fit into the mission and culture of our company.  Share your vision consistently so your team knows how the strategic plan relates to their personal objectives.

In many ways, the best education systems are following a path blazed by the best companies in the world.

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