As we prepare for the actual games, some folks out there are having special fun with the 68 teams.  USA Today presents a ranking of the teams according to their team name and mascot. We figured why not add a little math to that fun.

Share the link with your class and ask these questions and a few more of your own:

What is the ranking for the Virginia Cavaliers?  What is the ranking for the Maryland Terrapins?  What is the difference in their rankings?

Which of these teams is ranked in the top 25%, Oregon Ducks, Minnesota Gophers, Michigan Wolverines, North Carolina Tar Heels?

If names alone show strength and speed we like 1. Wake Forest Demon Deacons, 2. Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 3. Xaviar Musketeers, and 4. Seton Hall Pirates.  What is the average of their rakings?

Ranking all 68 NCAA tournament teams by mascot

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