Ascend Math is the Perfect Accelerated Math replacement for math instruction

Ascend Math offers award-winning math instruction that:

  • Screens students to find their functional grade level. Students start at a level where they will see immediate success.
  • Automatically assigns individual learning paths through each grade level with a single subscription. True automatically saves teachers and administrators significant time.
  • Moves students towards grade level proficiency more quickly by focusing on skill gaps and not areas they have already mastered.

Use Ascend Math for 30 of your students for 30 days

Ascend Math would like to offer teachers looking to replace Accelerated Math a 30-student, 30-day trial implementations. Experience first-hand the effectiveness of Ascend Math in a classroom. 

To register for this special offer, fill out the form and we will get you started on your 30 for 30 trial.