Districts are considering the following staggered schedules

  • AB Schedules – Every other day: 3 days at school one week, 2 days the following week
  • Week on Week Off
  • Half Day– Morning School and Afternoon School
  • Rolling Stay at Home Orders (Toggle Schedules)

Challenges facing schools and teachers

  • No data from Spring testing – Need a means to assess students
  • Students at different levels
  • Students with different gaps
  • Need on demand (asynchronous) options for learning at home
    • Students with and without internet
  • Teacher generated differentiated assignments – time consuming for teachers
  • Need Accountability Reporting
  • Some parents may choose to keep students at home

Ascend Math supports continuation of learning by offering automated on demand (asynchronous) instruction, real time data and reporting, plus guidance for teacher led small instructional groupings that may be delivered in classroom or distance learning environments.

Ascend Math Model Staggered Schedule

Ascend Math Model Staggered Schedule

Demo Date:  

Wednesdays 1:00 pm (Arizona & Pacific) 2:00 pm (Mountain) 3:00 pm (Central) 4:00 pm (Eastern)
Thursdays 8:00 am (Arizona & Pacific) 9:00 am (Mountain) 10:00 am (Central) 11:00 AM (Eastern)