ESSER Funding Information


The Federal Coronavirus relief packages signed this past year mean that most schools are unlikely to face imminent budget cuts.

The March 2021 $170B American Rescue Plan (ARP) guidelines state that 87.5% of funds will be distributed to LEAs.

Local Education Agencies must spend 20% of allocation to address learning loss, academic, social, and emotional needs.

Non-public schools receive funding through GEER funds.

The remaining 80% may be spent on anything allowable under ESEA, IDEA, Perkins CTE Act, Adult Education, and Family Literacy Act.

Ascend Math meets the EVIDENCE-BASED ESSER guidelines and is designed to address learning loss

  • Contains built in reporting that gives valuable information on how students are accelerating learning to address the specific standards in which there was previous learning loss.
  • Data from reports reflect student grade level growth that are critical for ESSER reporting and accountability.
  • Offers Customized options for summer school.
  • Provides Parent resources to facilitate communication between teachers and parents.
  • Training and professional development includes social and emotional check points for teachers.
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