GOCSD & Ascend Math partner to offer Free Trials to Participating Districts

GOCSD Ascend Math

offer Free Trials to Participating Districts

Join Nancy Paulus for a brief webinar

During the webinar you will learn how students utilizing Ascend Math have achieved multiple grade level gains in as little as one semester.

*Attendees will then have complimentary access to Ascend Math for up to 100 students through the end of the school year.

Ascend Math offers award winning math instruction that provides an individual study plan for each student, reaching below grade level to close skill gaps. Ascend Math's study plans are unique to each student, prescriptive, adaptive, and automatically assigned. In essence, we can help students advance more quickly by focusing on their skill gaps and not areas where they have already proved proficiency.


  • Contains built-in reporting that gives valuable information on how students are accelerating learning to address the specific standards in which there was previous learning loss.
  • Data from reports reflect student grade level growth that are critical for ESSER reporting and accountability.
  • Offers Customized options for summer school.
  • Provides Parent resources to facilitate communication between teachers and parents.
  • Training and professional development includes social and emotional check points for teachers.

Join us for a getting started webinar at a date convenient to you.

Date Time
   April 6th    10 AM
   April 6th    1 PM
   April 10th    10 AM
   April 10th    1 PM