All schools are unique, just as all students are unique. We are excited to hear from you! 

The Ascend Math Gold Medal form provides background information on your model and will allow us to share in your success. The short submission form requests the following information:

  1. What has been Ascend’s impact on student achievement? What are the actual outcomes (Ascend results, state or third-party test results, etc)? Tell us your process in determining these outcomes.
  2. Describe your implementation model.
  3. Describe the challenges your school or district faced. What were your reasons for adopting Ascend Math?
  4. Describe the challenges faced, and what were your reasons for adopting Ascend Math?
  5. What were your desired objectives when originally implementing Ascend Math?
  6. How has Ascend Math assisted in student engagement?
  7. How many students use Ascend Math?
  8. On average, how many hours per week are they on Ascend?
  9. How many teachers use Ascend Math?
  10. What were the funding sources used to adopt Ascend Math?

To support your application and make it stronger, you have an opportunity to upload files such as spreadsheets or documents to show results, and photos or videos (motivation boards, students using Ascend, etc).

If you are ready to fill out the form, click here.