LA After School Program

The Ascend Math Solution is a Louisiana Department of Education state approved after-school curricula for 2009 to 2012!

Evaluators selected Ascend as an appropriate math intervention because it contained all of the required features as set-forth by the program evaluators including:

  • Materials are consistent with evidence-based research on effective models for reading/math improvement.
  • Student assessment integral to the program.
  • Content geared to struggling students at multiple levels.
  • Instruction in small-group format.
  • Lessons of up to 45 minutes duration.
  • Lessons and exercises that are self-contained within each after-school session.
  • After-school curriculum that can stand alone.
  • After-school program reinforces in school student learning.
  • Content and delivery must be highly engaging for students.
  • Materials must be appropriately challenging and tied to LA GLE standards.
  • Materials should be appropriate for students from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.
  • The curriculum must fit the likely skills and capabilities of the after-school staff.


A Tool for the Times

    • Built-in formative assessment and personalized instructional pathways
    • Automatic, ongoing report generation for increased communication among stakeholders
    • One-stop shop professional development for teachers of all student populations
    • Low-maintenance, high-yield Supplemental Education Service
    • Flexible, scalable, Louisiana standards-aligned content
    • Low-maintenance, high-yield Supplemental Education Service
    • Multimedia content address a range of learning styles
    • Ascend subscriptions are affordable and scalable for both small and large programs.

If you would like more information or for someone to contact you,

Contact your local representative, Greg Spring or Aubrey Corley at Educational Materials Specialists at (800)748-3049.