Ascend Math Model Educator

What is an Ascend Math Model Educator?

The Ascend Math Model Educator program was developed to honor those educators and their students who put forward the effort required to achieve great results.

Who is eligible?

All classrooms using Ascend Math at least 90 minutes each week over a nine week period or more.

What will I get?

  • Recognition for you and your students.
  • Model Educator t-shirt.
  • Model Classroom pennant or poster
  • Student Award Certificates
  • Connect with other educators using Ascend Math, in an online community to exchange resources, ideas, and strategies.
  • Receive invitations to pilot new innovations in Ascend Math.


What do we need to do to qualify?

  • Students average 90 minutes per week or more in Ascend Math over a minimum of nine weeks.
  • As teacher, you login to Ascend and review student progress at least once each week during this same period.

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