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Home Sweet Home


JULY 2023

Home Sweet Home
Math Fun

What’s New for 2023-2024

We are excited to announce new features and updates made in Ascend to help make you and your students’ experience even better! Many of the new features came from teachers and administrators’ feedback. We love that you’re sharing your thoughts to make Ascend Math more teacher and student friendly!

See the full list of all the new features and updates HERE.

Thank you

Beginning of Year Guide

As we approach the new school year, we want to confirm information for 2023/2024.

If you have not submitted, your Getting Started Guide, please complete the quick guide to help ensure readiness for the fall. 

Contact the Customer Experience team with any questions.

Math Fun

Math Fun

Why didn’t the number 4 get into the nightclub?


Partner School of the Month

Congratulations to all the schools of the month in 2023! We are impressed by the student growth achieved in Ascend Math!! 

  • Foundations Cognitive School
  • South Cobb High School
  • Rapides High School
  • Sierra Elementary School
  • Lincoln Elementary School

Plus check out the 2022-2023 Ascend Math Gold Medal Schools!!! 


Tell-A-Friend – Share Ascend Math with Friends

Know a peer who needs Ascend Math for the new school year? Share this link with them to let them know What Sets Us Apart at Ascend Math!

Plus, visit our website and let us know who could benefit from Ascend Math! As a thank you we will send you an “I Teach Extraordinary Kids” t-shirt as a gift.

We would love to help the students of your friends or fellow educators!


Tip of the Month

Schedule your fall training now! 

Contact your local Ascend Math representative or the Customer Support team to review training options.



Call: (318) 865-8232



Product updates!

New Lesson Videos

Our Ascend team continues to introduce updated lesson videos for students. There are over 50 new lesson videos now available!

Since the last newsletter the following videos have been released:

  • G091 – Right Triangle Altitude Theorem
  • 3121 – Ratios Using Fraction Notation
  • 1017- Rounding Whole Numbers Using a Number Line Diagram
  • 1053 – Least Common Multiple
  • 1016 – Modeling Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers
  • 5317A – Finding Area of Composed and Decomposed Shapes
  • 5317B – Finding Area of Composed and Decomposed Shapes
  • E1.01.A – Which Item Does Not Belong?

Reminder on our newest report now available!

Grade Progress Summary 

Click here for more details on where to access and information available in the report. Newest report now available for teachers and administrators!

Accessible under Reports–>Progress Reports–>Grade Progress Summary

6 Things

6 Things You Need to Know

You can find helpful tips in getting started by viewing the Six Things You Need to Know. Once you are signed into Ascend Math, click on the Administration tab, then select the Six Things You Need to Know link. You will find information grouped by subject. Click a subject bar to find out more.


Need Help?

We have options for answers and support. Visit the Knowledge Wiki for answers 24/7

Check out your Knowledge Wiki

Contact the Customer Experience team:

Virtual Background

Virtual Backgrounds

Our Rewards and Resources page has free virtual backgrounds available to download. Come check them out!


Math Fun Answer

Because he is 2 square.