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Home Sweet Home


JULY 2024

Tidbit Tuesday

Ascend Math now offers a weekly series of fun, math-related activities related to current events. These activities offer ideas for project based learning to promote student conceptual understanding and engagement. Use these activities for entry tickets, exit tickets, extension activities and more! The posts are also all available on our website. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see the weekly posts! #AscendMathTBT

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Beginning of Year Guide

It’s time to begin planning for the 2024/2025 school year. Please click here to complete this quick guide to help ensure readiness for the fall, if you have not already submitted your answers.

Contact our Customer Success team with any questions.


Partner School of the Month

Congratulations to Aka’ula School in Hawaii, our Partner School of the Month!

“Ascend Math has been a game changer for our students. It’s personalized instruction and individual pacing minimizes the math anxiety our at-risk students feel. Many of our students were underachieving in math for a variety of reasons, and Ascend Math has them on track to reach and exceed grade level expectations.”




Office Hours with Sharonda

Sharonda Jones, will be hosting biweekly Q&A sessions. These sessions are an opportunity for you to get answers on all things Ascend Math, so feel free to ask about anything.

Math Fun

Math Fun

Why is 69 so scared of 70?


Product updates!

The Ascend Math development team has been updating more lesson videos! We have updated over 150 lesson videos, with more to come. These are some of our most recently updated lessons:

  • E1.07.A – Measurement, Inches and Feet
  • 4141 – Converting Fractions into Percents
  • 5202 –  Angles and Triangles
  • 5212 – Parallel Lines, Transversals, and Their Angles
  • 5223 – Solids
  • 6261 – Reading and Interpreting Pictographs, Bar Graphs and Line Graphs
  • A02.03.01 – Opposite Of A Real Number
  • A04.04.01 – Solving Equations Involving More Than One Property
  • A05.04.01 – Modeling Percent of Decrease and Increase


Know a peer who needs Ascend Math for summer school? Share this link with them to let them know What Sets Us Apart at Ascend Math!

Plus, visit our website and let us know who could benefit from Ascend Math! As a thank you we will send you an “I Teach Extraordinary Kids” t-shirt as a gift.

We would love to help the students of your friends or fellow educators!


Tip of the Month

Ascend Math provides multiple ways to track your students’ progress with real-time data. Visit our progress monitoring page or the Individual Student Reports Wiki page for more information.

6 Things

6 Things You Need to Know

You can find helpful tips in getting started by viewing the Six Things You Need to Know. Once you are signed into Ascend Math, click on the Administration tab, then select the Six Things You Need to Know link. You will find information grouped by subject. Click a subject bar to find out more.


Need Help?

We have options for answers and support. Visit the Wiki page for answers 24/7.

Contact the Customer Experience team:

Virtual Background

Virtual Backgrounds

Our Rewards and Resources page has free virtual backgrounds available to download. Come check them out!


Math Fun Answer

Because they fought once and 71.