Reckless' Pursuit

Congratulations! You’ve earned an additional clue.

Week 6 Clue:

It looks like the mountain lion isn’t the only thing to come back and bite him.  Reread Rick’s last words in his first blog entry for a major clue to his final location.

Week 5 Clue:

Rick is getting close to his final destination.  In listening to the tape the editors noticed splashing as well as an amplified quality to the sound. Try searching on the internet for “Amphitheater Lake.”

Week 4 Clue:

By now many have guessed that Rick is in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. But there are many peaks in this range.  Which one will he ascend?  This week’s extra clue may help.  Follow Rick’s progress from the lake with the waitress’ name to this location and see if you can figure out where he is headed.


Reckless'Pursuit Clue 4

Tenzing’s photography appears to be improving.

Week 3 Clue:

The waitress’ name was Jennifer but friends knew her by her nickname.

Week 2 Clue:


Tenzing has been busy. He took these photos before they left the lodge. However, it looks like he had a little trouble operating the camera. We’re not sure if the picture of the squirrel is a clue or just personal interest.

Week 1 Clue:

We’ve established that Rick is somewhere in North America. Any mountain Rick would attempt to conquer would have to be on the list of 50 Classic Climbs of North America.