Challenges facing schools and teachers

  • Students at different levels
  • Students with different gaps
  • Need on demand (asynchronous) options for learning at home
    • Students with and without internet
  • Teacher generated differentiated assignments – time consuming for teachers
  • Need Accountability Reporting
  • Some parents may choose to keep students at home

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Ascend Math supports continuation of learning by offering automated on demand (asynchronous) instruction, real time data and reporting, plus guidance for teacher-led, small instructional groupings that may be delivered in classroom or distance learning environments.

Staggered Schedule Model

In Class Support

  • Real-Time information on progress, in class and at home
  • Students may be grouped by standards and supporting standards – supports group instruction
  • Ascend Math Teacher Guides – supports project-based learning
  • Ascend Math online resources available for Teacher support
  • Printable study guides are differentiated by student for what is next in study plan
  • Automated study plan ensures that students are ready for the next lesson in a logical math sequence
  • No need for teachers to assign out of class work; however they can assign any standard needed
  • Reporting on Time on Task and Objectives Completed
    • Example – students should complete 1 objective per day and/or 30 minutes per day
  • Progress monitoring within and across grade levels
  • Individual Study Plan for each student
  • Built in Parental Reporting and Parental Help Menus

Principal and District Support

  • Built in Accountability Reporting includes
    Usage by Teacher and Class
    o Time on Task
    o Objectives Completed
    o Grade Level Growth.
    o Standards Addressed