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There is a growing body of evidence supporting the use of Ascend Math for math intervention.  Here you will find studies and case histories from educators like you who have solved the problem of getting their struggling math students motivated and back on level quickly.  Examine the independent studies, success stories, and research found on this website.  If you do not find the evidence you’re looking for please let us know.


Profiles of Educator Success


Emmet Belknap Intermediate School – Lockport, NY  

Lead Educators:  Lynn Hewitt, School Psychologist,   Gary Wilson, Principal
Grades:  5-6
Needs (Challenges):  Tier 2 math intervention   Needed a math intervention product with a strong research base, aligned to NY state standards.  Most importantly, they needed to serve more struggling students than was previously possible with their limited staffing.
Results:  Students who previously averaged .5 grade levels of growth, achieved nearly four times the growth using Ascend Math.

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Braden River Middle School – Bradenton, FL

Lead Educator:  Glen Dallman, Teacher Intensive Math
Grades: 6-8
Needs:  Remediation for students scoring level 1 on FCAT
Results:  During the first year with Ascend Math 75% of students improved at least one level on FCAT.  Subsequently, nearly half increased 2 or more grade levels.

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Fort Stockton Middle School – Fort Stockton, TX  

Lead Educator:  Gil-Rey Madrid, Principal
Grades: 6-8
Needs:  Tier 2 math intervention.  Students entering Fort Stockton had math skill gaps of up to 6-7 years. Previous math intervention attempts did not work.
Results: The school significantly increased their eighth grade pass rate on the state assessment from 74% to 86%. Some students achieved proficiency on the TAKS after spending only 3 weeks on Ascend Math during an intensive intervention initiative.

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Banks Stephens Middle School – Forsyth, GA 

Lead Educator:  Ronnie Shipman, Teacher
Grades: 6-7
Needs:  Tier 2 math intervention
Results:  100% of students using Ascend Math passed the CRCT (Georgia State Mandated Test) including those with disabilities. Additionally, the percentage of students who scored at Level III on their CRCT increased considerably after a year utilizing Ascend Math.

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R. Dan Nolan Middle School, Bradenton, FL

Lead Educator:  MaryAnne Maginot
Grades: 6-7
Needs:  Math intervention for a growing number of students scoring below level on the FCAT. With no time to provide differentiated instruction during class time, a special intervention class was created as an elective. Later on, students were required to work with the program at home.
Results:  All students increased growth significantly.  Nearly half of them gained 2 or more years growth in math. The average gain on the FCAT was 22.17%

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Judson ISD (Kitty Hawk and Woodlake Hills Middle Schools), TX

Lead Educator: Lori Robinson, Secondary Mathematics Specialist
Grades: 4-8
Needs: Improve math results for students that did not meet expectations on the TAKS (state mandated) test.
Results: The students made impressive progress. Each grade posted average pre to post assessment gains of 25-45%.

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Aspen Valley High School, CO

Lead Educators:  George Stone, Principal;  Kymn Van Dyken, Teacher (Retired)
Grades: 9-11
Needs:  Supplemental math intervention resource to assist in the instruction of students with skill gaps of two or more years below grade level.
Results:  2009-2010 mid-year growth rates of 9th grade students on the Scantron test were three times greater than the district average for 9th graders. 2009-2010 mid-year growth rates of 10th grade students on the Scantron tests were four times greater than the district average for 10th graders.

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Brazoswood High School, TX

Lead Educator:  Judy Senter, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction (retired)
Grades:  9-12
Needs:  Teachers were challenged to improve student proficiency by 2 or more grade levels in one school year.
Results:  60% of students achieved gains of 1 ½ grade levels or more during 4 months on Ascend. 38% of students advanced 2 or more grade levels during the same time frame.

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Place Bridge Academy, CO

Lead Educator:  Annette Garcia, Math Science Facilitator
Grades: 1-8 
Needs:  Tier 2 and Tier 3 Math Intervention With more than an 80% ELL population, Placebridge is also a magnet school for mild/moderate and multi-intensive needs students
Results:  Students averaging 68.9% on a pre-assessment grew dramatically after using Ascend, averaging 93.6% on their post assessment.


Douglas High School, WY

Lead Educator:  Wes Gamble, Math Intervention Teacher
Grades:  9-12
Needs:  Tier 2 math intervention for 18-week long semester-based intervention and independent learning.  Also Tier 3 math intervention for year-long math standards classes and for special education classes.
Results:   Math scores at the school improved by nearly 30 percent. Fifty percent (50%) of students who were at risk to fail the PAWs test showed proficiency on the PAWs after logging time on Ascend Math.

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Glendale Unified High School District

Lead Educator:  Cory Shinkle, Curriculum Coordinator
Grades:  9-12
Needs:  Curb the algebra failure rates among incoming students.
Results:  :  Algebra I failure rates were reduced by 65% across three high schools.

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Grissom Middle School, IN

Lead Educator:  Amy Rauch, Director of Secondary Education
Grades:  6-8
Needs:  Did not make AYP in the category of special education.
Results:  After just 5 months using Ascend 80% of special ed students grew 2 or more grade levels.

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Memorial Middle School, GA

Lead Educators:  Stacey Adams, Teacher;  Pam Joseph, Special Education Teacher
Grades:  6-8
Needs:  Special Education  Supplement grade level math instruction for students with disabilities having a wide variance in academic abilities.
Results:  Students achieved average gains of 48%. Two thirds of the class grew one or more grade levels. One student grew an astounding seven grade levels and moved on to honors classes.


Fort Stockton Middle School, TX

Lead Educator:  Gil-Rey Madrid, Principal
Grades: 6-8
Needs:  Special Education in addition to At Risk, and failing math students
Results:  After just 6 months of use, 86% of special ed students passed the TAKS (Texas mandated test) greatly surpassing their ambitious goal of 75%.

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Calcasieu Parish, LA

Lead Educators:  Dr. Betty Washington, Director of Special Services;  Kim Wimberley, Teacher
Grades: 9-12
Needs:  Tier 3 intensive intervention. Incoming students were unprepared for the rigorous math curriculum offered in high school.
Results:  In a randomized test conducted at the district level, 73% of 100 students who were at risk to fail passed their math course with a grade of C or greater after utilizing Ascend Math.

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Texas Challenge Academy, TX

Lead Educator:  Candra Cade, Principal
Grades:  9-12
Needs:  RTI, credit recovery   At least 75% of students at Challenge High School were functioning at three to four grades below 9th grade.  Many repeated the same grade level two to three times.
Results:  In just three months, all students using Ascend have made significant progress gaining a full year or more with 19% gaining two or more years’ grade level growth over a three month intervention.



Snowy Peaks High School, CO

Lead Educator:   Brett Tomlinson, Principal; Susie Dorle, Math Teacher
Grades:  9-12
Needs:    RTI, credit recovery, and intervention/extension.   With high school students ranging in math abilities from 3rd to 10th grade, Snowy Peaks High School set out to fill math skill gaps and bring students back up to grade level while individualizing instruction.
Results:  70 % of students improved on their NWEA math scores.


Cleburne ISD, TX

Lead Educator:  Judy Senter, Curriculum Specialist
Grades:  5-8, Algebra 1
Needs:  Alternative Ed program
Results:  Pre to post assessment results showed 24-44% gains on average.
“Our students have responded extremely well to individualized computer based
instruction. Discipline levels have dropped and we plan to continue using Ascend for these students upon their return to the traditional classroom.”
Judy Senter

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Carbon County School District, WY

Lead Educator:  Cathy McAtee, Math Facilitator
Grades: K-11
Needs:  Special Education, RTI and/or Tier 2 students, after school enrichment/intervention and gifted and talented students
Results:  PAWS (state mandated test) scores increased an average of 17.28%

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Bremerton School District, WA

Lead Educator:  Kati Carthum, Tech Coordinator
Grades: K-8
Needs:  RTI
Results:  Across the board, post-assessment results have been above 90%, and all buildings except one received an average gain in score above 20%.


Douglas Rural Schools, WY

Lead Educator:  Lisa Weigel, Principal;  John Weigel, Curriculum Director
Grades: K-11
Needs:  District-wide RTI model   Ascend Math is the math intervention used for all students; advanced learners, at-risk learners, and students with disabilities.
Results:  Rural school students have shown tremendous growth gains in math at nearly every grade level!  District MAP results indicated all students met individual growth rates in math.

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West Hills Middle School, UT

Lead Educators:  Kim Baker, Principal;  Randy Curtis, Teacher
Grades: 6-8
Needs:  Summer math camp for students who failed the CRT in math
Results:  In just two weeks, 56 students achieved at least one grade level, 26 achieved 2 grade levels, and 1 achieved an amazing 3 grade levels.


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