Ascend Math Training Center

By now, you probably understand that Ascend Math is easy to implement. While that is true, it is still important to receive the right training. Those that implement well get the best results. Check out the Gold Medal winners to see what we mean. They started out in the same place, with an onsite training session. Working with your local Ascend representative, we will ensure that your teachers are ready to get great results from your Ascend Math implementation right out of the gate. Feel free to contact us any time with your questions or ideas.

Onsite Training

  • Highly recommended for all new school or district implementations.
  • Comprehensive, hands on, interpersonal training for both program administrators and teachers.
  • Ensures that your implementation runs smoothly from day one.

Course Agenda

Teacher Training Webinar

  • Recommended where and when onsite training is just not possible.
  • Designed to educate all users with a teacher role on all aspects of Ascend Math
  • Affordable and effective

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Additional Support Training Materials

Videos, study guides, and flowcharts assist in implementing well.

Quick Start Training Webinar

  • Designed specifically for new teachers coming into an existing, previously trained Ascend Math implementation.
  • Does not replace onsite training.

Course Agenda

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