Ascend Math supports the New TEKS!


For Texas educators the new TEKS could represent a challenge. Many are concerned with transitioning to the new more rigorous standards.  Ascend Math is helping Texas educators address all of these concerns through online instruction and multi-modal explorations created to support the new TEKS. More than 60 additional objectives have been written to ensure a conceptual understanding of math consistent with the new state standards.

The revised TEKS are pushing math curriculum down to lower levels. We need Ascend Math more than ever to help students fill math skill gaps quickly.

Gil-Rey Madrid, Principal, Fort Stockton High School, TX


Five Reasons to Choose Ascend Math

  1. Identifies gaps according to the new TEKS.

  2. Helps students gain a conceptual understanding of these math standards through lessons and activities while teaching mathematical understanding.

  3. Deepens understanding and provide a methodology to allow students to write and speak about math.

  4. Delivers a multi-modal approach to understanding each objective

  5. Aligned directly to the Standards for Mathematical Practice


Click the picture to experience a sample online student exploration.



Click the picture to see how Ascend’s online instruction supports conceptual thinking.



Ascend Math’s instruction can give teachers a huge head start in teaching the way in which the TEKS are designed to be taught. Ascend Math strongly supports conceptual understanding through its multi-modal approach. What’s more, Ascend now deepens understanding and provides a methodology to allow students to write and speak about math.