Ascend Math is continually being updated and improved.  The educators and students that use Ascend math are an important part of this process.  In the past few years thanks to their suggestions we’ve added more interactivity to every lesson in Ascend so that students are asked critical thinking questions at the opportune time.  We’ve made students more accountable for their success with their own student dashboard. Now, here are the latest improvements:

The School Summary Dashboard displays a summary of all progress in your Ascend Math school. The dashboard may be saved or printed. Charts and data provide valuable information on student’s usage and growth for last week and the current school year:

  • Average objectives completed last week
  • Average hours worked last week
  • Level Completion – ½ level to more than 2 levels gained
  • Level Growth: starting vs. current level
  • Students completing a level last week

The Teacher Summary Dashboard is a summary of progress made by all classes assigned to a teacher. It includes the same charts and data as the School Summary Dashboard for that teacher’s classes.

Assign Objectives provides teachers and school administrators the capability to assign objectives outside of a student’s automated study plan. Teachers may choose an objective from the Assign Objective Page located under the Course Management tab. Objectives may be assigned to an entire class or selected students. Students are notified of a teacher assigned objective by a detour sign on their home page. Once students complete their assigned objective, they are directed back to their automated study plan.

To view students’ progress on Assigned Objectives, go to View Assigned Objectives under the Course Management tab. The percentage correct on the post assessment is available on this page. Assigned Objectives may easily be unassigned.

The Live Student Tracker now indicates which students are logged into Ascend Math. The student’s name will appear green and bold if they are currently working in Ascend.

You may view your students’ next objective title by hovering your mouse over the objective code in the Next Obj. column.

The Student Progress Summary displays the level each student in your class is working and how much of that level has been completed. This report has recently been updated to include the level each student began working in Ascend Math, their current Math Level Equivalence and the amount of growth each student in your class has achieved.

New Content

12 New Algebra 1 objectives

Other Key Developments

  • Automated Secure Roster Uploads
  • Time tracking improvements
  • 99.9% server uptime for the 2017-18 school year

Receive a No-Cost Pilot

Take part in a simple no-cost pilot of Ascend Math called 30 for 30. 30 of your students will be able to take the screener and use this intervention solution for 30 days. You can begin as soon as you like or at a time convenient to you.