What’s New in Ascend Math

Ascend Math is continually being updated and improved.  The educators and students that use Ascend math are an important part of this process.  In the past few years thanks to their suggestions we’ve added more interactivity to every lesson in Ascend so that students are asked critical thinking questions at the opportune time.  We’ve made students more accountable for their success with their own student dashboard. Now, here are the latest improvements:

Teacher and Class Dashboard

The Ascend Math Dashboard summarizes class progress in Ascend Math in a simple overview format. Charts and data provide valuable information on student usage and progress:

  • Total objectives completed

  • Average hours worked

  • Active student logins

  • Levels completed



The Class Dashboard includes easy-to-read graphs and charts.  The dashboard also provides important information on functional levels for the students in the class, including levels completed, level growth, the distribution of students in different levels and a list of students that have completed levels the previous week.

Live Student Tracker

The Live Student Tracker provides critical, real-time information for each student in the class including:

  • Current level unit and objective

  • Attempts at post-assessment

  • Time of the last post-assessment attempt

  • The next objective in that student’s study plan

All information is sortable providing a powerful tool in grouping students for small group instruction and blended learning models. 


Base Camp

Teachers told us that their students wanted an occasional fun break from Ascend Math. We responded with Ascend Math Base Camp, a virtual world offering inventive games and activities.

An evolving formula built into Ascend, including time on task and the passing of assessments, units, and levels will determine when students can access Base Camp. Students understand quickly that they must earn their time in Base Camp. Time in Base Camp is held to three minute intervals so as not to detract from time needed learning in Ascend.




Students love the variety of themed games and activities found in Base Camp. They can choose from Snowcat Rally, Geo Block Drop, Space Blasters, Hungry Bears and Arizona Stone. Overtime, more games will be added. 

Soon, students will earn awards, accolades and fun little items for their efforts.  Activities in Base Camp have been tried and tested and are appropriate for any age.  

More Improvements

  • Automated district user uploads

  • Positive student messages including growth mindset

  • Interactivity in every video

  • New K-I interface that is targeted for a younger audience that is not yet reading