Miss Renninger’s Fourth Grade Students at Northside Elementary in Harrsiburg, PA have been busy.  Each of her students submitted a wonderfully creative math problem for March Mathness. We will feature five each day for the next four days.  Here is the first group of problems:

1. The area of the court is 180 square feet. If needs to be divided into 64ths so each team can practice. How many square feet will each team get to practice?

2. Kansas won 5 games in a row against Oklahoma. In the first game Kansas had 57 points, in the second game, they had the same number of points, in the third game they had 94 points, in the fourth game they had 32 points, in the final game they had 102 points. How many points did the score in the 5 games combined?

3. Duke played Syracuse 3 times this season. At each game Duke scored the same number of points. The total amount of points scored in the 3 games was 96 points. How many points did they score in each game?

4. Kansas’s Andrew Wiggins scored the 2nd most points in NCAA Tournament franchise history in one game, Kansas vs. Stanford. He scored 75 points in the game. The highest number of points in one game was accomplished by Michael Jordan for North Carolina with 80. These two point values combined will tell you how many points Louisville scored in their NCAA final victory.

5. UNC scored 100 points in a game, In the next game they score ¼ as many points as they did in the 100 point game. How many points did they score?

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