Northside ElementaryEnjoy these fun math problems from the 4th graders at Northside Elementary.

The total height of the all the players of Duke is 42 ft. What is half of the total height of the players on Duke’s team?

In their last game Ohio State doubled their score from their previous game. If they scored 90 points in their previous game how many points did they score in their last game?

There are 13 players on a basketball team. 6 of them lost their shoes. How many shoes are missing?

Adrian Payne’s jersey number is 5. He scored 41 points in one game. Together that is 46. Jabori Parker’s jersey number is 21. What number of points could be have scored if the total of his jersey number and point number is 34?

Florida State has these jersey numbers 44, 32, 15, 63, 74, 10, 1, 3, 14, and 16. What is the maximum? What is the minimum? What is the range? What is the mean?






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