Super Bowl 2016 2Share these fun Super Bowl math problems with your students!

1.  A Super Bowl ring costs $10,000. There are 53 players on a winning team.  How much will it cost to give them all Super Bowl rings?

2. The Panthers and Broncos have played each other four times. The Broncos have won three times and the Panthers once.  Add up the scores for each below.  Which team scored the most points?  By how much?

2012       Carolina Panthers            14           Denver Broncos                                36


2008       Carolina Panthers            30           Denver Broncos                                10

2004       Carolina Panthers            17           Denver Broncos                                20

1997       Carolina Panthers            0              Denver Broncos                                34


3. If the final score of this year’s Super Bowl is Carolina 20 Denver 14 name all the different ways they could have earned those points.

Teachers:  Some students may need to be told the meaning of a safety and have a brief review of the way football is scored. Here is a basic guide:

  • Each touchdown is worth 6 points. After a touchdown,  the scoring team can attempt to get an extra point.
  • An extra point is worth 1 point. Right after a touchdown, the ball is placed at the opponent’s two-yard line and kicked. If the ball goes through the goal post, the extra point is earned.
  • A field goal is 3 points. If the offense can not score a touchdown, they may choose to kick a field goal. A successful kick results in the ball passing through the goal post uprights and over the crossbar.
  • A safety is worth two points and is earned when the offensive ball carrier is tackled behind his own goal line.

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