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V Day candy1. Sweethearts candy hearts have been a popular Valentine’s Day treat for more than 100 years. NECCO, the maker of Sweethearts produces about 100,000 pounds of the candy hearts every day in order to meet the Valentine demand, when about 8 billion hearts are sold in six weeks. How many are sold on average each day during those six weeks?

2. Marcus found 32 candies in a box of candy hearts. He divided them up by what was written on them.  

8 said Text Me

5 said U R A Star

6 said 4 Ever Fun

8 said Tweet Me

5 said Be Happy

What percent said either Text Me or Tweet Me?

3. The florist sells 150 bouquets of flowers. Each bouquet has a dozen roses. Five bouquets were returned because the flowers were wilted. How many flowers were sold in all?

4. At MathMart, packages of 20 Valentines are on sale for $4.00 each.   How much does each card cost?

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