Happy Holidays from Ascend Math!

Here are some festive math problems to share with your class as you celebrate the holidays.

  1. Santa’s reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blixon, and Rudolph were helping in wrapping gifts. Dasher can wrap 1,000 gifts in 3 hours. Prancer can wrap 300 gifts in 1 hour.  Prancer can wrap 500 gifts in 2 hours.  Vixon can wrap 1,200 gifts in 5 hours.  Comet can wrap 1,000 gifts in 4 hours.  Cupid can wrap 800 gifts in 4 hours.  Donner and Blixon together can wrap 3,300 gifts in 5 hours.  Blixon can wrap 1,200 gifts in 4 hours.  Rudolf can wrap 1,600 gifts in 6 hours.There are 30,000 gifts to wrap.  How long would it take all of these reindeers together to wrap all these gifts together?  How many gifts did each of the reindeers wrap during this period of time?
  1. Each bag of Hanukkah gelt has 8 pieces in it. Joseph collected 12 bags of Hanukkah gelt. How many pieces of gelt does he have altogether?
  1. The song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ has many presents:A partridge in a pear tree
    Two turtle doves
    Three French hens
    Four calling birds
    Five golden rings
    Six geese a-laying
    Seven swans a-swimming
    Eight maids a-milking
    Nine drummers drumming
    Ten pipers piping
    Eleven dancers dancing
    Twelve lords a-leaping

    Throughout the entire song, including all twelve ‘verses’, which present(s) shows up most often?

  2. Lila is making baskets of fruit to decorate for Kwanzaa. She has 22 apples 19 bananas, and 7 oranges. If she puts an equal number of fruit into each of 3 baskets, how many pieces of fruit will be in each basket?
  3. After the trip on the Polar Express, it was Christmas morning. Santa left 13 presents each for Sarah, her brother, her mom, and her dad. How many gifts did Santa leave for the family?

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