The goal for math equity is to achieve a math identity for all students.

When I think about the many challenges schools and districts face in addressing all students, I also think about the possibilities for success that new opportunities offer such students.

I have just returned from the NCSM conference, an event I looked forward to as an opportunity to dig deeper into the issue of equity in education. The strand on equity offered effective strategies for meeting students on their “cultural turf”.  The speakers shared research and experiences on best ways to overcome the challenges of multicultural classrooms and offered practical solutions.

One of the common themes was how we must focus on student learning and engagement in a way that is relevant to the student given their cultural and socio economic backgrounds.  I am excited about the strategies presented that will allow students to embrace math in ways in which they can identify and speak about math.  Whether in mathematics or equity, we must create an entry point for all participants. Only when students can speak about math in the context of their lives, then they truly have adopted a math identity and become active learners.

I look forward to reflecting on this post and offering new perspectives on math engagement for all.

Stay tuned

Marjorie Briley

Equity Begins with Awareness







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