2020 not only marks a new decade, it also marks the 20th year I have had the privilege of working in education. Every day I have the opportunity to work with amazing people that make a difference in students’ lives. When Kevin and I founded Ascend Education, our vision, our big, hairy audacious goal (BHAG), was to help 10 million students graduate high school. That vision is still in clear focus. We have come a long way on this journey, and I am proud of all the inspiring stories of student success and accomplishments in math equity we have to share. One student at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy said recently “Ascend Math helps me because it makes me have confidence in myself. The stuff I couldn’t do before, I can do now.”

There is more work to be done, and, as I set off into the new decade, I am inspired to become more intentional in sharing stories and building learning communities so that we can all learn from one another and continue on our mission!!

#mathequity #studentspotlight

Stay tuned.

Marjorie Briley

Equity Begins with Awareness

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    I love Ascend Math so much

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      some I am with you

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