Announcing the 2018 Gold Medal Honorees

Announcing the 2019 Gold Medal Honorees


2019 marked a year of the strongest overall implementations we have seen to date. The 6,841 students in our 29 Gold Medal schools mastered 145,351 math objectives and worked 150,210 hours in Ascend Math.  Most students gained from 1 to 4 grade levels in math. Each school’s implementation is unique and yet all have achieved tremendous strides toward fulfilling their ambitious goals. Success looks so different to each Gold Medal School.  We want you to hear it in their words.

Armuchee Middle School
Armuchee, GA

Austin Goggans

Armuchee Middle School implemented Ascend Math with their special education students. The design of the program keeps their students engaged as they move through lessons. “Ascend has allowed my small group of multi-age, multi-disability special needs students to pinpoint areas of instructional need while offering them skill level appropriate content.”

Armuchee Middle School

"Within only 5 months, my students have completed 81 objectives in Ascend Math!"

Atlantis Academy School
Palm Beach, FL

Mary Joyner

Many of the special education students at Atlantis Academy Palm Beaches have gaps in their learning and Ascend Math is a great intervention tool for this. “Ascend Math has been a terrific supplement to our math curriculum.”

"On average our students are outperforming their academic peers nationwide by 41%

Atlantis Academy School
Coral Springs, FL

Robert LaLena

Atlantis Academy is a school for students with special needs and learning disabilities that uses Ascend Math to supplement their regular math instruction. “The Ascend Math program works on the level that our students need, while maintaining fun and keeping up with math skills. Ascend allows all of our students to feel successful and work at a pace that they initiate. The rewards for completing levels provides the students with a drive and sense of accomplishment while making the objectives fun.”

"Our school is "All In" with Ascend Math"

Bergman High School
Bergman, AR

Jamie Wasson Jones

When implementing Ascend Math with their Special Education students, Bergman High School’s main objectives were to close skill gaps, provide individualized instruction and achieve grade level growth. After using Ascend Math their students have had a significant jump in grade level. 45% of students completed two grade levels and 9% completed 3 grade levels.

“Students like math more than they did before and they enjoy earning minutes to play the games within the program.”

Brookfield Academy
Cherry Hill, NJ

Patrick Kiernan

The mission of Brookfield Schools is to provide innovative, practical, and effective educational and therapeutic services for students with special emotional and behavioral needs and needed a means of assessing data in Math. Ascend Math provided just what they needed to assist with tracking students’ success and encouraging students to move throughout the program as expected.

"Students using the program are seeing improvements with gains from 6 months to 3 years in learning grade level gains!"

Christian County Middle School
Hopkinsville, KY

Bonnie Mimms

Christian County Middle School adopted Ascend Math in their Special Education Resource class. Teachers find students respond well since the program teaches on the true level of what the students know and understand.

"Ascend Math students showed growth on the Math Inventory progress monitoring from the beginning of school to December."

Clear Creek High School
League City, TX

Rebecca Bryan

Clear Creek High School implemented an Ascend Math course designed to help their 9th grade students prepare for the Algebra 1 STAAR test. Time spent in Ascend Math has lead to very positive gains for my students. The average student growth is 2.24 years.

Clear Creek High School

Connecting Waters Charter School
Waterford, CA

Jamie Ulloa

Connecting Waters Charter School is an independent study charter school.  The educators at Connecting Waters adopted Ascend Math as one of their intensive intervention programs for their Tier 3 students.  Connecting Waters adopted Ascend Math to foster each student’s goal of personalized learning.

Corpus Christi Montessori
Corpus Christi, TX

Orfelinda Barboza

Corpus Christi Montessori implemented Ascend Math with their 2nd through 8th grade students. Their goal was to increase abstract math knowledge and build self-esteem and confidence in math.

“Ascend Math has had a positive impact on our students.”

Fairfield West Elementary
Fairfield, OH

Becky Staples

Fairfield West Elementary School adopted Ascend Math as a math intervention program in order to improve their NWEA MAP and state test scores. As a result, Fairfield West’s 4th grade NWEA MAP assessment results revealed that students using Ascend Math showed positive performance on RIT (Ready for Instruction Today) scores. Their students’ average gain in Ascend was 47.1%.

“Ascend has made a positive impact on our school's ability to intervene in a targeted, prescriptive way that is meaningful for the students.”

George I Sanchez North
Houston, TX

Simeon Law

George I Sanchez Charter School uses Ascend Math to reteach and reinforce math concepts that students have previously struggled with in prior classes. This allows core math instructors to focus on their grade level content while at the same time ensuring that each individual student’s weaknesses are addressed. This approach has already shown positive results.

"Ascend has assisted in reinforcing skills such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing."

Griffin Middle School
Smyrna, GA

Roderick Langston

Griffin Middle School teachers use Ascend Math as an RTI intervention for morning tutoring support and homework assignments. Within 6 months, several students achieved two or more grade level growth. Growth at Griffin Middle School has truly been evident. Students have spent a total of 8,145 hours on the program, resulting in a total of 6,570 objectives mastered.”

"Students have spent a total of 8,145 hours on the program, resulting in a total of 6,570 objectives mastered.”

Hammond Academy
of Science and Technology
Hammond, IN

Anna Hansel

Educators at Hammond Academy of Science and Technology selected Ascend Math because it helps students build their understandings of basic math skills. Students at Hammond Academy use Ascend Math between 90 – 120 minutes every week. “Students are happy when they earn flags in Ascend while addressing their personalized learning path.”

"Students get excited and proud of themselves when they take the pre assessment and test OUT of lessons - this makes students super happy!"

Johnsburg Elementary School
Johnsburg, IL

Sherry Kegel

For years, Johnsburg Elementary School educators were looking for a researched based math intervention to fill in math skill gaps. Ascend Math was implemented as a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). Many of the students who were in the program last school year scored 2 levels above their level last year.”

Johnsburg Elementary School

“80% of our Ascend Math students met their MAPS math growth goals."

Joseph Hess Elementary School
Hammond, IN

Susan Corty

Joseph Hess Elementary School uses Ascend Math for their High Ability students as well as RTI.  Ascend Math is incorporated into their math centers and their Math Club allows students to come to school early to work on the Ascend Math Program.

"Ascend Math pushes our students to work at their full potential and they strive to become math masters!”

Kilgore Middle School
Kilgore, TX

April Cox

Kilgore Middle School uses Ascend Math as a Tier 2 Intervention, in which students are placed into Ascend through the RTI process. Their goal is to help each student grow at least one grade level. Educators at Kilgore are happy to report that over 80% of all students that used Ascend Math with fidelity grew one or more years according to the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR).

Lakeview Middle School
Rossville, GA

Jodie Emerson and Joe Blackwood

Educators at Lakeview Middle School adopted Ascend Math as part of their Tier 1 and Tier 2 RTI process to address below grade level math skills and achievements. After using Ascend Math daily for 3 months, their percentage of students performing below grade level decreased significantly! In one class, 60% of students gained two grade levels or more and 20% gained four grade levels.

Lakeview Middle School

"Students are making progress like they have never seen before!"

Lynn Black Elementary School
Indianapolis, IN

Alissa Davis

Lynn Black Elementary School uses Ascend Math as their school wide intervention program. Their objective is to bridge gaps, improve test readiness and build math foundations.

“Ascend has given us a program to bridge gaps in learning and provide skills practice at school and at home.”

Major Hector P. Garcia High School
Chicago, IL

Chad Erickson

By using Ascend Math, teachers at Major Hector P. Garcia High School have been able to provide students with work tailored to their needs and math the students can understand. Students using Ascend Math have increased their understanding of mathematics.

Major Hector P Garcia High School

“By using Ascend Math, I am able to provide the students with work that is tailored to them and that they can understand and complete.”

Marietta Middle School
Marietta, GA

Chelsea Bargallo

Marietta Middle School uses Ascend Math primarily as an intervention program. However, they have also seen great success with their Accelerated Magnet students. 82% of students using Ascend with fidelity (30 hours) met or exceeded expected growth projections on Winter MAP.

Marietta Middle School

"Students using Ascend are growing at a much faster rate than students who are not.”

McCulloch Junior High School
Marion, IN

Teneal Gardner

McCulloch Junior High School received great results from their math intervention program this year after implementing Ascend Math school wide for 30 minutes a day. We have also seen a huge increase in NWEA scores since implementing Ascend Math daily in our classrooms.

"Since starting Ascend in January, 92 students have risen a grade level. 6 students have gained more than 2 grade levels."

Mercer School District
Mercer, WI

Brent Wambold

Ascend Math is the RTI program used by Mercer School District to close the achievement gaps in math for their 4th through 9th grade students. Students at Mercer have filled in many gaps and are excelling on the standardized test required by the state.

Mercer School District

“The achievement realized by using Ascend Math has been amazing. Our younger students spend 20 min. of school time using Ascend and most then use the program at home in the evening and on weekends - They love the immediate feedback and games they can earn.”

North Caddo High School
Vivian, LA

Theda Fielding

At North Caddo High School Ascend Math is used as an RTI tool for students who are lacking in the background necessary for mathematics courses at the high school level. Ascend Math has been instrumental in helping their ninth graders bridge achievement gaps that have been in existence since at least third grade. Math scores for an ACT practice test averaged 2.125 points above the projected ACT composite score, 75% of their students have improved at least 3 grade levels and at least 2 students have gained 4 grade levels.

"When students realize that they can actually succeed, they become self-motivated."

Pike-Delta-York Middle School
Delta, OH

Douglas Ford

Pike-Delta-York Middle School uses Ascend Math for enrichment and intervention for grades 5-8. Ascend Math has had a tremendous impact on the students’ achievement at Pike-Delta-York Middle School. Many students are closing the gap in their math skills, while extending the learning of others.

Pike-Delta-York Middle School

"The evidence for our students increasing grade levels throughout the year is incredible"

St. Barnabas Catholic School
Indianapolis, IN

Lindsey Meyer

St. Barnabas Catholic School implemented Ascend Math as their intervention program with their Tier 2 students. Students at St. Barnabas Catholic School have not only improved their grades and state test scores, but they have also gained confidence in their ability to meet math goals. During the 2018-19 school year, students completed 370 objectives with an average growth of 44.07%.

“Through the use of Ascend Math our students have improved their overall math comprehension and improved their performance on standardized tests.”

Stephen F Austin Elementary
Dayton, TX

Krystal Rogers

The use of Ascend Math at Stephen F. Austin Elementary School in conjunction with mini lessons has allowed students to grow 1-3 grade levels in a short period of time.

“Using Ascend in my math lab has allowed tier 3 students to work on their individual gaps allowing them to become motivated intrinsically while reaching their grade level goals.”

Sweeny Junior High
Sweeny, TX

Heather Raynor

Educators at Sweeny Junior High adopted Ascend for their students who did not pass the STAAR (state test) the previous year. These students are placed in a “Power-Up” class where the Ascend program is used to help them fill gaps. Two thirds of students completed one or more grade levels in their Power-Up class.

Sweeny Junior High School

“Ascend has helped students to fill gaps in order to be more successful on daily assignments and state testing.”

University View Academy
Baton Rouge, LA

Eugenia Cardozo

University View Academy, a 100% virtual public school, stresses student engagement is a challenge since many middle and high schools students have limited supervision. Teachers found reports easy to track student progress and offer encouragement or remediation as needed. Within a month of using Ascend, students experienced level progression in their custom study plans with an average gain of nearly 52%.

“Students are beginning to "like math again" are more self-confident and engaged!”

Ware County Middle School
Waycross, GA

Maria Crawford

At Ware County Middle School Ascend math is being utilized for Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 interventions. Students at War County have seen a 52% gain and 131 students have completed one or more levels in Ascend. Students liked being able to exempt mastered skills through the Pre-Tests and loved to see their progress as it unfolded.

Ware County Middle School

"Students have been very excited seeing the growth and movement throughout the Ascend levels. Base Camp is a favorite, as well."

Woodlawn Community Academy
Clearwater, FL

Muriel De Vore

In addition to using Ascend Math to help their Special Education students fill learning gaps, Woodlawn Community Academy also uses the Ascend Math Screener to identify their students functioning grade level. “During the designated school wide math time it’s great how one math class can have students on different levels of math.

"Being able to replay the instructional video for each problem is great and the students love to go back for the added help.”